Alderley Edge Union Club History





A Noble and Honourable History

The origins of Alderley Edge Union Club can be traced back to the precise date of the 1st of November 1889, when a group of illustrious gentlemen first met in Alderley Edge to propose the formation of a social club for the education, entertainment and relaxation of the working men of the village.

Thus, the ‘Alderley Edge Public Hall Company Limited’, was founded and located in Stevens Street, Alderley Edge. By 1896, the club was known as ‘the Liberal Unionist Club’, (with annual membership at five shillings per annum) before eventually emerging as the Alderley Edge Union Club. In its early incarnation, the Club had a library and reading room on the ground floor of the building, whilst Alderley Edge’s first cinema was located on the first floor.



The Early Days of Our Social Club

In its early days as a social club, Alderley Edge Union Club was loyally patronised by many of those who worked for the wealthy ‘Cottentots’ who had settled in large houses, villas and mansions on the slopes of The Edge – the hill that lies above the village. These rich Manchester mill owners, manufacturers and industrialists employed footmen and butlers, ostlers and gardeners, handymen and tradesmen, who found the recreation and companionship of the Union Club much to their liking.

The Club still maintains its companionable social club atmosphere – and today membership is open to all those ladies and gentlemen from the village and beyond, who value good company, good conversation and a good time in friendly, welcoming surroundings!

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